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  1. Sonia Vanderby
    October 23, 2020 @ 6:25 am

    Thank-you for this! This message is one that I tell myself time and time again but still need to hear. I try to snap myself out of it by coming up with other possible “stories” – maybe they didn’t return my call because they had a family emergency, maybe they’re on vacation today, or are sick, maybe they have another major deliverable due by the end of the day…and in doing so, I have empathy for them, while also reminding myself that there are times when I’M the unresponsive one, the one who didn’t return a call/email, etc. It’s not fair for me to hold them to a higher standard and not let them be humans with complex lives. It also reminds me that sometimes others are waiting for me, and a quick “I’m sorry I can’t follow up on this today but will get back to you soon” or a similar acknowledgement can help others not take things personally too.

    And thank-you so much for the images you put with these posts; I’ve printed off several of them (this one included) and have hung them on my office wall so I have visual reminders.


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