For Professionals

Bring The Empowerment Dynamic to Those You Serve

If you are a coach or professional serving individuals, couples, families, teams or organizations, The Empowerment Dynamic can provide a unique and inspiring addition to your offerings. 

There are two primary avenues for preparing you to bring this work to your clients:


  • For professional coaches and those for whom coaching is an important leadership competency, this track is based on Donna’s latest book and curriculum. This work will focus on helping you become the best coach and leader you can be. The program starts internally as you begin to recognize yourself as a Creator, then shifts to the external as you learn to use these tools in your coaching practice and leadership roles. This is a 10-week, blended learning course with ample opportunity to work with other coaches and professionals, practicing the material in a safe environment. 

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  • This track is for professionals who want to be certified to teach David’s TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® and 3 Vital Questions® frameworks and tools. We approach this work by asking 3 Vital Questions:

    1. Where are you placing your focus?

    2. How are you relating?

    3. What actions are you taking?

    These simple but profound questions allow easy access to the deep transformational work found in The Empowerment Dynamic and 3VQ frameworks. As a Trainer, you will have the capability to facilitate the 3 Vital Questions (3VQ’s) in your practice. Upon completing the 3-day intensive training, you will have a network and community of other Trainers to help support and guide you along your own journey.

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I am in a continuous learning process with this work, attracting new voices, perspectives, and applications from a multitude of market segments.”

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