Advanced Coaching Course

The Advanced Coaching Course, Who Do You Want to Be as Coach? Coaching with The Empowerment Dynamic, is the second course in our Coaching Program. The Foundations Coaching Course is a prerequisite.

In the Foundations Course, you learned how to integrate The Empowerment Dynamic in your life and apply it to achieve personal transformations. Our second Advanced Course is focused on coaching with TED* and how to be in partnership with others’ transformations.

In this program you will get real-time coaching practice in dyads and live demonstrations on how this powerful framework can become intrinsic to your coaching practice.

Once you complete the Foundations Class and the Advanced Coaching program, you will have the opportunity to apply for:  The Empowerment Dynamic Certified Coach designation.

This is a designation granted by The Center for The Empowerment Dynamic for professional coaches who have previous coach education and training. More information will be forthcoming about the application and completion to achieve this certification.

“Experiencing Donna’s learnings is life changing. Her facilitation was impeccable, creating a safe space to explore and share and the course overall has incredible depth. My clients, as well as my loved ones, will all be influenced by Donna’s work!”

Christine, PCC


One-time payment of $1995 or 5 monthly payments of $400.

If you have completed the Foundations Coaching Course and wish to learn more about our Advanced Coaching Course, please contact Alicia.

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