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The 3VQ training course provided me with an opportunity to deepen my understanding of key topics and concepts, and collaboratively learn and grow with others in a psychologically safe environment.  The experience was thoughtfully designed and well facilitated – the opportunity to reinforce self-paced virtual learning with instructor led sessions and group discussions really reinforced my learning.”

Brian Cartinella, Master Coach & Facilitator
NVA National Veterinary Associates

Transform your or your client’s workplace for the better and create a culture where employees thrive; come to work with excitement for their day; and treat customers/clients and co-workers with respect and kindness. That is what you will be equipped to facilitate as a 3 Vital Questions Certified Trainer.

As good as all of this sounds, we promise you that it gets even better. Because this framework literally changes LIVES. It improves relationships on every level. Why does this matter? It’s simple. This work transforms workplace drama into workplace empowerment, which in turn creates engaged employees. Engaged employees create a more productive work environment that highlights creativity and effectiveness. Workplaces that are mired in drama spend time and money managing that drama instead of creating outcomes that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

The 3VQ Trainer Certification Program is designed specifically to help you introduce the Power of TED* and 3VQ frameworks to others. During the certification process you will gain real life experience creating and delivering this work to a group of your peers. In turn, they will also deliver this work to you. The power in this approach is three-fold and you will get:

  1. hands-on experience teaching the work to others;
  2. real-time actionable feedback so that you can dial in your delivery style and teaching methods; and
  3. exposure to others’ methods of delivering the work that can spark your inner Creator to new heights.

Something we frequently hear from our Trainer community is that they feel fully prepared and inspired to hit the ground running at the end of the final session.

Every course you take can spark your creativity and learning, but then, over time, you may notice the energy begins to fade. That’s not going to happen with TED* and 3VQ! Upon completion of your certification, you will:

  • be given access to an exclusive group of peers who are dedicated to this work;
  • be invited to monthly learning events – all from the comfort of your computer;
  • have a full body of training materials to use with your clients;
  • access to our administrative support team;
  • have the to capacity to tailor this work to your brand, your toolkit, and your marketplace.

We are more than a training program; we’re an extended learning community dedicated to transforming drama into empowerment whenever and wherever possible.

If you wish to truly make lasting and powerful change in your work, in your life, and in the lives of others, then this is the right training program for you. Class size is extremely limited so that everyone gets to fully participate and share in the learning process.

More information and a link to apply is below.

  • Facilitated by David Emerald

    Currently conducted virtually, via Zoom, this intensive certification is designed to be highly interactive and experiential and is structured around 4-person learning pods where you will form lasting bonds. There is a balance between learning in the larger group (maximum 12 participants per cohort) and hands-on teaching and practice that takes place within your smaller “pod family.”

    The process unfolds over 6 days and includes the following sessions (“all-in” participation in all meetings is required):

    • Preparation Session (2 hours)
    • Core Sessions (Monday thru Friday; 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific Time)

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  • The certification course is based on a 2-day “deeper dive” workshop developed and honed over many years by David and Donna. While certified trainers are not expected to always facilitate the entire 2-day workshop, you will be equipped with the following:

    3VQ Facilitator Materials:

    • Facilitator Manual with section-by-section presentation notes and suggestions;
    • PowerPoint slides; and
    • “Catchphrase” card deck.

    3VQ Workshop Participant Materials:

    • Participant Guidebook;
    • Learning Aid Cards (2 formats);
    • 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama and/or The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) books (purchased separately).

    Ongoing Support

    • Monthly Learning Community Calls to support your continued development;
    • Access to Master Trainers to support you as you integrate the 3VQs into your service offerings.

I found it to be very similar in feel to a classroom experience. After a few minutes the virtual quality of the experience faded into the background and we were left with the people, the content and together we created a great experience.”   

Steve Gibbons, Intermountain Healthcare

This was one of the best certifications that I have been through. Those of us in the learning development and coaching space have been through a lot of these trainings. We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t continually try to fill our toolbox and continually research the best things to help our clients. This is one of the best certifications I’ve been through in terms of being able to walk away and begin applying it the next day. I no longer need to try to figure out where to go next, it’s what do I choose to do next. The possibilities are endless.”   

Alice Leefers, ACC, BCC; System Director, Organization Development at Memorial Health System

Your training was amazing: thorough, well organized, presented well. Your interactive approaches to teaching gave us new tools not just for facilitating 3VQ but also for other trainings we might have the opportunity to present. I’m thinking in particular of the importance of stories—what a valuable tool. Your materials are consistent, useful, adaptable, instructive, linear (yet flexible)…”

L.C., 3VQ Certified Trainer

Take The Next Step

  • The Certification is $3000 USD. Payment plans are available. 

    The program fees include all 3VQ facilitation materials and support, and lifetime access to the 3VQ eCourse.

    Apply Now

    Annual Certification Renewal: To continue your membership in the 3VQ Certified Trainer Community of Practice, there is an annual renewal fee (currently $250 for “Essential” and $750 for “Enhanced,” at the trainer’s choice), which begins the year after initial Certification.

    As a Certified Trainer, you will have the right to purchase trademarked 3VQ materials to use in your trainings, workshops, and coaching.

Apply to see if you are eligible to become a Certified Trainer. A limited number of applicants will be accepted.

I love that there is an amazing amount of material that I can now share with others, which is so profound to me. Being able to connect with the people who created this program, to connect with their heart and to the heart of this amazing community of people who deliver this work to the world is even more important to me. Knowing that there’s an ongoing support structure that we can tap into afterward, that we can continue to connect with month after month, while delivering this work, is priceless.”  

Tim Banker, DVM

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